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November 7, 2021


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# Covid-19 cases



  • Daily new coronavirus cases in the country have dipped to a nine-month low, Health ministry said on Monday.
  • There were 10929 new cases reported in the last 24 hours on saturday.
  • The active cases were 0.43% of the total caseload and was the lowest since March 2020.




# Power shortage



  • India recorded a power supply shortage of 1201 million units in October 2021 – the highest in 5.5 years – due to a crunch in coal stocks availability at thermal plants.
  • The shortage was mostly restricted to Gujarat, Haryana, Jharkhand, Punjab and Rajasthan.
  • The power shortage was primarily due to a supply crunch of coal to 135 thermal plants.




# Tripura



  • The Tripura police have filed criminal cases against more than 70 persons, including Supreme court lawyers, activists, Journalists and religious leaders.
  • This followed a request from the police to facebook, Twitter and youtube to provide details of 101 accounts from which “fake and provocative” messages and photos were posted on some reported incidents in Tripura in response to the attack on Hindus in Bangladesh.
  • Cases were filed against 71 persons under various provisions of the Unlawful activities (prevention) act (UAPA) and the Indian penal code (IPC).




# Arunachal pradesh



  • Arunachal pradesh is planning to make a documentary about one of its most “patriotic destinations ” – Kaho, a village on the China border – to mark the 75th year of Independence.
  • The state’s department of information, public relations and printing has sent a 12 member team to Kaho in Anjaw district for filming a documentary on the village and its people.
  • Kaho had weathered the Chinese attack in 1962.
  • According to the 2011 census, Kaho has only 65 residents and a literacy rate of 64.15%.




# Srinagar airport



  • The union ministry of civil aviation on Saturday declared the Srinagar airport a “major airport” under the Airports economic regulatory authority act, 2008 (AERA).
  • The move will allow the AERA to determine the tariff, including the development fee and passenger service fee, for aeronautical services at the Srinagar airport.
  • The centre designates an airport as a major airport if it crosses a particular volume of annual passenger traffic.